Anxiety and Depression

I am a pediatric primary care mental health specialist. In the pediatrician's office it's hard to discuss all that you are worried and wondering about in a typical office visit. I can provide you the time to go over all it all. It usually takes 1-2 one hour sessions to hear about everything, sort out the issues and make a plan. Sometimes that plan involves finding a therapist that is right for you. I can meet with you until you get in to see the therapist. While I do not provide psychotherapy, I do provide supportive counseling with cognitive behavioral therapy techniques. In instances where we decide medication is appropriate, I can prescribe it. Know that I often recommend counseling as complemental care. Finding a therapist can seem daunting, but I can offer you expertise in finding the right type of therapy that would be the most appropriate for your child and family. If you have been referred to me by your therapist for medication I will collaborate with them before prescribing. I find that collaborating with parents and other health care providers provides your child with better care. 

Bridge Care

Bridge care is what people need when they are in transition.  Many times people call me when they are in crisis. Sometimes parents have been suspecting a problem for awhile but there has been difficulty getting services and then all of a sudden you feel overwhelmed with what is going on with your child. You know you need a therapist or a psychiatrist but you can't get in for a few months. I can help you while you wait. I can help everyone take a deep breath, make a plan and help you with what to do while you wait for the care your family needs. 

Parent Coaching

Teen mental health is a family matter, and I'm here to help you all. Telling the difference between normal teen demeanor and worrisome behavior is not always easy.  The balancing act of trying to help your child and also foster independence can be exhausting. I can provide communication strategies that will help you and your teen communicate more effectively and lighten the stress. Parent consultation is covered by insurance and is often used when you feel stuck on a particular issue with your teen. You may ultimately need some family counseling but this is a good place to start. 

Tweens and Over 18

The struggles teens face often start when they are tweens and can continue into adulthood.


Parents of tweens are frequently caught off guard when their child begins to seem moody. This can be a great time for parents to learn about the changes that lie ahead and start practicing skills that will lay the foundation for healthy communication later on. I can help you build this foundation and tease out what's normal for your tween and what might need some intervention.

Post high school is a funny middle ground- too old for the pediatrician but a regular adult provider can feel like it's not the right fit either. Maybe you have been dealing with anxiety or depression and need a new prescriber now that you are an adult. Maybe you feel ready to address your mental health concerns now that you can do so fully on your own but you aren't sure what that entails. Making the first call is the hardest part. Call me and we can figure it out. 


Is your organization interested in learning more about teen specific topics? I'm happy to talk about how I could help educate or create discussions within your group. I have presented on the following subjects:

  • How to Address Puberty with Your Tween

  • The Importance of Early Intervention for Anxiety and Depression 

  • Tips for Talking About Difficult Subjects with Your Teen (alcohol and marijuana use, sexual decision making, depression and much more) 

  • Transitioning from High School to College

  • Parenting During COVID-19 Distance Learning